Island of Alicudi

The landscape of the island of Alicudi is intact. It is one of those places where time seems to have stopped forever. Alicudi is an island that has a history of looting and invasions by different peoples whose final result was the beauty and peace of the places. This island is a miniature paradise, a place where man and nature know how to coexist.

There are no roads, but you can only move on foot along steep mule tracks that run all over the island from the port until you reach the summit.
It was only in 1990 that a landing place was built which also allowed medium or large boats to dock. Before that it was only possible to arrive by small rowing boats, both for people and for goods.

The inhabitants of the island are very few and there are only a couple of grocery stores and the post office. Nothing else. There are no ATMs, pharmacies and bank offices, trendy clubs, pubs, discos. And this is precisely the charm of Alicudi: living off the essentials and the beauty of nature.

It is difficult to live on an island where there is no water. The only way to get water is from rain. In fact, there are many cisterns, which collect rainwater. Fishing is also important given the abundance of groupers in the surrounding area.

Although there are no hotels or a notable hospitality industry, many people decide to go on vacation to this island. There are no roads and you have to walk to move between one inhabited place and another. There are paths and steps in volcanic stone to get around, but you can also travel on a donkey.